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We are here to help you with your food labels and ensure compliance with Singapore Food Regulation.

Our team of Label Specialists are trained in Compliance, Labelling and Food Law, so you can import and export with ease.

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Avoid Errors in Food Labelling

Food labelling requirements can differ from country to country and change frequently. To thrive in a global marketplace, food importers and exporters must stay up to date with both local and international regulations. Solution can help you avoid errors in food labelling and ensure compliance with requirements.

Successful Imports and Exports

Having the opportunity to help importers and exporters alike, we are able to assist in the strenuous import and export process.

Set your product apart from the competition

By distinguishing your product from a competing one, you are helping customers decide which one to go with.

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Learn about us

Learning about Food Regulations

Our Label Serence from both SFA's food regulation and the international food standards Codex Alimentarius Commission, when reviewing the labelling requirements.

Making Nutritional Claims

Our Label Specialists will provide step-by-step instructions from start to finish, and you can ask questions and get feedback from them.


Our team of Specialists are ready to help.

We provide consultation services to food businesses on food labels and advertisements of prepacked food to help them comply with the Food Regulations.

Lead Time
Client Review
Frequent questions

You have questions and we have answers

Our team of Label Specialists can give you the support you need.

What is the turnaround time for the label reviews?


The typical turnaround time is 1 week, for expedited request we are able to process the label review within 24 hrs.

I have an urgent request over the weekends, will you be able to help?


Urgent weekend request can be accommodated, do reach out to us to find out more.

Will your specialists be able to come down to my factory/ port to do the reviews?


To facilitate the accuracy and the timeliness of the review, we encourage that product label artwork are sent to us for the review if possible.

In extenuating circumstances, we do provide onsite label review.

What information do I need to submit? Do I need to give you a product sample?


You will need to submit a label artwork for the review. You do not need to send us any product samples.

When does the Nutri-Grade labelling requirement takes effect?


The requirement for Nutri-Grade will take effect from 30 December 2022.

To know if your beverage product requires the Nutri-Grade Mark, you may contact us.

How many label reviews can be done at one time?


We do not have a technical limit on the quantity of label review request.

However, we do advise our clients to provide the information to us as early as possible to facilitate any possible technical challenges.

Will I be able to import the product after completing the label review?


We provide label review services that will assist in identifying the type of product labels that are compliant towards the current regulation.

For products that require further amendment on the product label or the formulation, we are able to conduct a deeper study.

Will you be able to advise the nutritional/health claims that can be displayed on the product?


Yes, we can advise on the suitable claims and the criteria needed to qualify.

In the event that there is a specific nutritional/health claim that you would like to include in your product, we also provide product development consultation to help you achieve the intended claim.

Do I have to change my label if I reformulate?


The amount of changes needed after reformulation is dependant on the product.

A review on the product label will be necessary to determine if any changes are required.

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