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Solutions by Consumer Centric Innovation (CCI) aims to help companies build capabilities, innovate and internationalise by understanding your consumers using data-driven strategies. 

Consumer trend change at a rapid pace. By adopting a consumer centric approach, your company can identify the needs of your consumer, thus allowing you to have the agility and ability to innovate and pivot.


By engaging consumers and understanding the product that the consumer wants, our team of experienced consultants can tailor solutions to aid your current business model and lead your company to success.

Whether you are an established company that wants to evaluate your current product or a startup that's just getting started, we can help acquire information about attribute intensities, product differences and consumer preferences.

We offer our clients expert advice and guidance on the regulations surrounding food labelling and packaging. Whether you need help with developing or refining your food label, or to source for the most suitable packaging, we can help.

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