Consumer Insights

Gathering and interpreting data to uncover valuable insights into why consumers make certain purchasing decisions, how they interact with products or services and what influences their perceptions and behaviors.

These insights provide businesses with actionable intelligence to refine product offerings, tailor marketing strategies, and enhance customer experiences, ultimately fostering deeper connections with their target audience and driving sustainable growth in an ever-evolving marketplace.


Dr. PuiYee, our expert in Sensory Qualitative Research

Leading the Consumer Insights Team

With over a decade of experience in sensory and consumer research, her expertise lies in understanding consumer desires and preferences across a wide range of product categories, including food & beverage, skincare, cosmetic and more.

Fluent in both English and Mandarin, she effectively moderates consumer groups in diverse markets worldwide. Her extensive multicultural knowledge enables her to provide comprehensive insights and craft unique product strategies for our clients.

"I believe in the importance of understanding the ‘why’ behind consumer choices, uncovering the deeper motivations that drive decisions. The challenge lies in not just capturing what consumers say, but also in interpreting these insights effectively. That’s where the magic happens!"

Focus Groups

Conducting focus group discussion with a small group of consumers allows for in-depth exploration of attitudes, perceptions and behaviors related to a particular product, service, or topic.


Conducting one-to-one interviews with consumers enables researchers to delve deeply into individual experiences, preferences and opinions, providing nuanced insights.

Diary Studies

Asking consumers to keep journals or diaries of their experiences, thoughts, and feelings related to a product or service provides longitudinal insights into usage patterns and evolving needs.

Usability Testing

Observing consumers as they interact with products or prototypes helps identify usability issues, pain points and areas for improvement.

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